A literal crime – flash fiction 100

My neighbours are having the outside of their property re-painted. Not before time, so I am immensely pleased. On arriving home today, I find one of their decorators using a flower pot of mine – containing a beautiful, delicate flowering indigo Periwinkle – which I bought as a tribute to Colette’s character Vinca in Le Blé en Herbe – as a platform to stand on. Not amused, I tell him. Now with his huge boots back on terra firma, he exclaims – eyes wide with surprise – ‘Oh, it’s fine. Whatever was in there’s still there. It’s just a bit lower down than it was.’

(You really couldn’t make this one up, could you?!)


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About Vicky Newham

Vicky Newham is a writer, living in Whitstable, Kent. She writes crime fiction, psychological thrillers and science fiction. Her main projects are novels, but she also writes short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction articles and some poetry.
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One Response to A literal crime – flash fiction 100

  1. jensine says:

    I hope you let a dog pee on his car

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