About me

Vicky Newham is a writer, living in the south of England. She writes short stories, poetry, and is currently writing her second novel – a psychological thriller – which she hopes to get published. Since childhood she has been passionate about writing, and about the ability of language to express, evoke and transport.

Vicky originally studied undergraduate French and German in London. After she completed that, she went into business. She then took a degree in Psychology, and started a successful ten year teaching career. It is no coincidence that it was a curiosity about human nature which took Vicky into studying Psychology, and it is this same fascination which inspires and informs much of her writing.

Vicky writes from the heart. The pieces here are some of her recent poems, and some  flash fiction and dialogues, and are what Vicky writes when she needs a break from her novel. They are not intended as literary oeuvres. Nor are they always politically correct or ‘nice’. What they are is honest, passionate, full of spirit, sometimes edgy, raw and dark. Often, however, they are tinged with mischief and humour. All are inspired by Vicky’s experiences, observations, over-active imagination and cat-like curiosity.

If you like her work, please leave comments, press the ‘like’ button, and – most importantly – spread the word and please share my pieces on your Facebook page. There is plenty more to come, and – hopefully – it’s getting better all the time 🙂

I have another blog – which consists of opinion pieces – which is here: http://imaywellbewrongbut.wordpress.com/

Finally, if you have a blog of your own – or website – and would like me to write something for it – free – do drop me a note.


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